It’s About to Get Spiritual Up in Her’

August 17, 2017

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August 17, 2017

It’s About to Get Spiritual Up in Her’




(It’s about to get spiritual up in her’…)

I decided to surrender and let my heart get blown wide the F open.

Emotional “junk drawers” aren’t fun to clean out and vulnerability is something that I attempted to train out of myself at a young age to protect myself.

I’ll spare you the deets. Let’s just say I had great training on how to hold on strong to God at a young age.

About 8 years ago I set the intention to open my heart.

I didn’t know exactly what that meant but spiritually I knew I was being called to do it.

I used to be the type of person that didn’t like hugs.

(Like, HUGS. Seriously?)



I now realize you have to open up and allow yourself to get a little hurt once and a while (certainly not on purpose – insert wisdom and listening to your inner guidance).

As we bump around here on Earth, we’re bound to bump up against each other and get a bruise or two every once and a while and have some feelings to go along with it. 

There is nothing like allowing yourself to FEEL down into your core. (Amiright?)

I feel like underneath is where the truth is at. 


The experience of raw authentic deep emotion is a GIFT.


Like colors in a rainbow, red isn’t better or worse than blue. They’re just different, yet they complete the picture in a balanced way. Same thing with anger and laughter. They can both have their rightful places.

I didn’t realize the POWER and the benefit in creating the space to feel this deeply until I started feeling more LOVE ripple through me and guide me to keep making the most amazing decisions in my life. Once I got a taste of that and the purity that brought it on and what was being created through me from it – NOTHING else could measure up.


It heals.


It can make anything better than it was before.


I’ve seen miracles happen simply by allowing the flow of LOVE, source energy, Holy Spirit, (or whatever words you’d like to use – because quite honestly I don’t feel the words don’t matter much).

What’s important to remember is that LOVE or God/Source energy is inside of you as much as anyone or anything else and is fueled by an indescribable energy that connects – EVERYTHING.

Insert my homeboy, my man man, my confidant, my best friend, my HERO, Jesus! I find it impossible to dive into my experience on this topic without mentioning how I found the strength and courage to turn seeming darkness into light. 

I’ve explored quite possibly every love based spiritual practice under the sun and I’m right back to calling in Jesus into EVERYTHING 100000000% daily just as I did instinctively growing up – no matter who told me what about the subject. 

Nothing works the same for me to keep me on my highest track in life. Jesus, to me is like a direct connection into the CENTER of the BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST time and time again.

I’ve never gotten my vibrational frequency higher faster in any other way outside of calling upon Jesus and God’s help no matter the time, place or situation or any condition for that matter. Simply a willingness to be open to receive God’s divine inspiration and “handling” of anything I needed help with consistently keeps the doors open to God’s grace in my life. 



Everything changed.

I developed an intolerance for petty bullshit.

I stopped caring so much about what other people think. (Insert FREEDOM.) 

I require distance from harsh non-uplifting energy, people, places, words, foods, media, brands, products, atmospheres, interactions etc.

My psychic antennae went on FLEEK. Let me tell you. If I’m supposed to know something, I have NO DOUBT at the perfect time I’ll know.

The same activities I enjoyed before aren’t the same without PURPOSE. By that I mean, the flashy experiences that I once would drool over weren’t as fulfilling when I wasn’t celebrating them WITH God. By that I mean, with the intention to call upon God’s divine orchestration (for basically everything allllll the time!).


(Fancy is fun but it’s SO much better when you allow God to orchestrate the plans with you.)


I have an insatiable need for MORE.

I learned how to be grateful for my past pain and learn from it. If we didn’t understand the nature of pain, how could we ever relate or be compassionate toward other people still going through it?

Some of the most compassionate people on the planet were hurt the worst and used it as fuel to light a fire so bright that they themselves would decide to be an antidote of that pain for whoever they could rush their medicine to – by simply – in their own way – moving through their own shit and getting to the other side.

That is a GIFT.



It’s never done.

We’re always becoming.

And if you feel called to simply make a conscious choice to make Jesus your home boy too (regardless of religion or past beliefs), he knows who you are and is ALL IN TO HELP YOU WITH EVERYTHING.

I can promise you with all that I am it’s safe and nothing but LOVE.

It’s a unique choice and experience for each of us that I respect everyone’s decision 100%.

(Jesus taught me that.) 

Daily, hourly, (whatever I feel I need) I invite him in a MILLION percent.

That’s my practice right now along with prayer. 

Nothing fancy. 

(I’ll keep you posted.) 

If you don’t know where to start, you can simply include Jesus in your prayers and see what happens and follow your guidance. There is nothing you need to “do” or “be” to qualify for his help. He is pure LOVE.


There has never nor will there ever be ANYONE like you.

It’s your time.

It’s YOUR life.




Today’s Prayer:

Dear God, Jesus (and anyone else you’d like to call upon for light filled assistance),

Thank you for watching over all of our lives completely and showing us all how to rely on you and hand over any heavy burdens of shame, guilt, trust issues, regret, unforgiveness, debts, betrayal, grief, sadness or trauma that we are carrying that we can now give over to you.

Let us know that you are always on our side and available for help whenever we need it. Please help us to understand we always were and always have been worthy of your complete love and help with anything we could ever need.

Thank you for helping us to clearly understand your guidance. When we are guided to make changes in our lives, lifestyles, relationships, careers, health etc. please help us do this!

Thank you for reminding us that when we ask it is given. Show us how to align with your highest and most loving will for our lives and how to take steps daily to emanate more and more of your light and will.

Thank you Jesus for boosting our faith and God confidence and helping us best understand how to work with you to bring about more LOVE and PEACE in our lives and on this planet (and anything else we could use your help with).

I ask this in Jesus’ name.





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