Small Business Saturday Favs + Epic Entrepreneurs You Should Know About

November 25, 2017

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November 25, 2017

Small Business Saturday Favs + Epic Entrepreneurs You Should Know About

It is my absolute HONOR to give a shout out to these entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure to work with and see continue to bloom on this Small Business Saturday!  🎉 


 Eco-Friendly Products Made with Love:



Founder, Janelle Rush has created a professional grade – yet newbie friendly makeup line that redefines what it means to artistically express the already beautiful YOU. 
It’s one of my favorite makeup lines on planet earth! And oh, the smokey eyes that can happen when the epic eye shadow shade “Cleopatra” is involved… (It’s next level.) 
As an active humanitarian, chances are you’re also contributing to a social cause near and dear to Janelle’s heart with every purchase. 
Join the beauty movement at  


Stacey Orr, Founder and “Chief Stinky Officer” is also offering a site wide sale for Small Biz Saturday! 
“Stink no more” after every hot active yoga session with her masterfully crafted essential oil blends made specifically with active yogis in mind. Stacey is constantly curating new aromatic experiences for the most discerning conscious customer. 
Did I mentioned she’s studied in old world apothecaries in France? 😍
Smell even better at STINKYYOGI.COM. 


Lifestyle Brands:



Amy Griffith, Founder of EXERCISINGBALANCE.COM shares her knowledge of all things motherhood, balancing life and her challenging – by design – yoga programs for Mamas to be, Mamas just after giving birth and Conscious Couples who are looking to experience the benefits of highly curated prenatal yoga – together! 
Did I mention her mastery in movement also includes her experience performing as a Rockette in NYC? You’ll want to join her tribe + grab her special deal going on for Small Business Saturday for all the Mamas to be and their posses in your life. 
(They will thank you for it!) 
Follow Amy on social media + stay tuned for her infinite wisdom she shares daily! EXERCISINGBALANCE.COM 

Food & Entertainment:

A hometown GEM located in Erie, PA near beautiful Presque Isle State Park is the creation of Founder, Heidi Lutz. She had a vision to create a community hub of health conscious high vibe living and she’s done way more than just that. 
Experience The Juice Jar for healthy and tasty juice concoctions, a menu that stays fresh and a friendly community of conscious regulars and travelers alike who “get it” when it comes to sustainability and a fresh forward thinking atmosphere. 

Experts & Influencers: 

KELICONCI.COM is where you can experience this writer’s latest musings – and if you’re one of the lucky ones – you can have Keli Conci guide your writing practice and online strategy as you grow your influencer status or create waves on the web with copy that reads and attracts with authenticity and style. 
Connect with Keli if you’re ready to take your business to the next level and beyond with one of the best of the BEST in digital media right by your side. 




“Natalie E” as she’s known to teenagers across the US is a highly celebrated youth speaker and trainer who is definitely one to watch in the personal development space. 
Natalie Ehmka is a powerhouse that doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to living life on your terms and encouraging others to go for their dreams. When working with her or seeing her on stage, your limiting beliefs won’t stand a chance. 
Find her, follow her and soak up her wisdom on social media and her online space NATALIEE.COM. 

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of these game changing entrepreneurs and their creations!
Small Business Saturday Blessings!


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